family time spent exercising and having fun

family time spent exercising and having fun

What To Expect During Your First Spin Class

by Luis Williams

Are you getting back in the gym because you have been missing in person classes? These can be a great way to motivate you to get moving and keep up with the rest of the group. Spin classes are becoming more popular recently thanks to on demand classes at home, but you may be looking to try it out in person to see if you like it. Here is what you can expect for your first time spinning on a stationary bike.

You Don't Need The Fancy Shoes

Many people that are regulars to spin class are going to have the shoes that lock into the pedals, which gives them power in their up and down stride to move through the class. You do not need to have special shoes to enjoy spin class, but you do need shoes that are going to work well with the cage that go over the pedals for those that don't have lock on shoes. 

You Will Move To The Music

Part of the fun of an in person spin class is that the instructor has crafted a playlist of music that is going to take you on a ride from start to finish. This is often done by pedaling to the beat of the music. A beginners class will start out with slow music, and then work their way up to faster songs as you get later into the ride.

The nice thing about moving to the music is that you do not have to look at your RPMs to determine if you are pedaling at the correct pace. If you can feel the beat by matching it as you are pedaling then you will be on the right track. That said, it's still okay to go behind the beat if it's too intense for your first class. The ride does have fast and slow parts to move you through it. 

You Will Be Told When To Stand

What makes spin class unique from just riding a stationary bike is that you are given directions on when to sit and when to stand. You'll likely be told to crank up the resistance and perform a lift, usually for a short while to get your heart beat up. Try to keep up with the instructors directions for when to do these lifts, but don't feel like you have to during your first ride either. Some beginners rides don't even have lifts as you get used to how the bike feels and work on your stamina. 


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family time spent exercising and having fun

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