family time spent exercising and having fun

family time spent exercising and having fun

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue: Exercises That Can Help You Get Started

by Luis Williams

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, just making it through a normal day can be a feat to celebrate. The very idea of working out may seem impossible given how tired and spent you feel. However, exercise can actually help to combat chronic fatigue and can put you on the path to feeling energized and lively all day long. When you're just starting out, though, getting the motivation and starting the right routine can be enough to stop your before you even get a chance to begin. Here are some things you can try to really reap the benefits of exercise when you're battling chronic fatigue.

Start with cardio.

Resistance training (lifting weights) is very beneficial to your health, but it will not help you fight your fatigue at first. Resistance training works by pushing your muscles to their limit, and a lifting session can leave you feeling drained, and it can take hours for your muscles to recover. Instead of diving in to weight training, start with cardiovascular exercises that get your heart rate up. The reason why cardio is better for battling fatigue is that as you improve in your fitness level, you increase the amount of oxygen present in your blood; consequently, your cells will get more oxygen to burn fuel effectively, helping you feel more energized overall. Another benefit is increased metabolism, which can also increase energy. 

Start slowly. 

However, too much cardio too soon can also leave you feeling to run down to continue. The trick is to start very slowly to avoid taxing your tired body with more than it can handle. Some great exercises to start include:

  • brisk walking. As you improve, you can graduate to slow jogging or hill climbs. 
  • zumba or low-impact dance. Zumba classes can be very intense, but many have modified moves that will help you curb the intensity. You can also leave early if you feel like you have enough for one day.
  • swimming. Swimming is a great beginner exercise because it is difficult to injure yourself. You can begin by swimming one length, and then increase the length and speed of your swim each time you go. 
  • cycling. This is a low impact exercise that can help you improve your heart and lung condition efficiently. Some spin classes are very intense, so go at your own pace, and push yourself when you are feeling energized.

Beginning a new workout program is the hardest part when you are tired all the time. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your exercise goals and what you can reasonably do. However, as you continue on the path to a more active life, you will begin to feel better in both body and mind. 


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family time spent exercising and having fun

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