family time spent exercising and having fun

family time spent exercising and having fun

Three Pieces Of Equipment You Need No Matter How You Customize Your Home Gym

by Luis Williams

Setting up a home gym gives you the opportunity to have the equipment that best fits your exercise and health goals, but some pieces of equipment are helpful no matter your goals. If you're trying to find the best combination of efficiency and training for your home gym, you need to find equipment that improves your fitness in more than one aspect, whether that be working on multiple muscle groups at once or working on both plain fitness and less obvious issues. Three items in particular can really help you up your fitness game.

Rowing Machines

Long a stalwart of professional gyms, the rowing machine is now becoming the focus of many a workout thanks to its efficient use of several muscle groups and its ability to give you a cardio workout. Constant movement works the cardio factor while the combination of pushing with your legs and pulling with your arms -- not to mention stabilizing yourself with your core -- gives up to 85 percent of your muscles a simultaneous workout. The workout is also low-impact as you glide back and forth in the seat rather than pound any treadmill surface with your feet. Rowing machines are available for home gyms in every configuration from full professional models to economical fold-away models.

Free Weights

Another long-time gym occupant, free weight sets offer more benefits than you might realize. It's not uncommon to think that you don't need free weights if you have strength-training machines. However, free weights offer not only strength training but also coordination and control training. With strength-training machines, you have the ability to learn proper form when you're new, and to use very heavy weights in a controlled environment. But by adding in free weights, you also work on keeping the weights' movements stable, which helps a lot of the stabilizing muscles that work with your targeted muscle groups.

Wi-Fi Connected Cardio Equipment and Scales

Tracking your workouts can be as simple as drawing up a chart with pen and paper and recording your reps and the date. But that takes time and doesn't work as well when you use cardio machines that track not only time and resistance but also distance, calories burned, and other information, because recording all those when you're tired can be a chore. Enter the WiFi connected cardio machine, which sends the information from a particular workout to your computer, phone, or another device. You can get WiFi connected scales as well. These make tracking your progress much easier.

For more suggestions regarding home gym equipment, or to see models of the equipment you're interested in, talk to custom gym equipment companies. The staff will help you put together an effective, efficient setup that doesn't take up too much space and that gives you the workout you want.


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family time spent exercising and having fun

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